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  • (EN) The Joseph Meyer Suite


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  • (EN) Saga Cruises

(EN) On entry, guests are greeted by a lush carved carpet paired with a rich grey and teal interior palette. Delicate lighting complements coastal inspired paintings by Yuliya Martynova in the living room and dining area, whilst in the bedroom a curved timber and cream leather headboard sits in front of a teal blue leather and brass trimmed backdrop, creating a wholly coherent scheme throughout.

(EN) Having travelled through the west coast of England and far shores of tropical islands, I have always been taken by the bay vistas seen from cliff edges. When your gaze sinks in, boats float weightlessly above the turquoise blue surface. I wanted to capture the tranquility and carefree feeling that this image emotes.

(EN) Yuliya Martynova, Artist

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